Gregory Witt

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I feel like I understand enough about the things around me to build them. So I have been. 

Sometimes I think of my recent projects as instantiations of normal types of objects, as new examples of specific classes of things- another refrigerator, another tornado, another subatomic particle. 

Of course, these objects differ considerably from more familiar examples of their type. While the projects perform functions integral to their identities, these functions have been disconnected from use. I want to see what a refrigerator is on its own, engineered and fabricated to work only for itself. With the contamination inherent in outside utility removed, an appliance can serve as a more ideal model. 

I'm thinking here of instruments. If we use knowledge from science to build instruments that enable us gain more knowledge, then the instruments are as much embodiments of that knowledge as tools for finding it. If everything is made of particles, then what is a room particle like?


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